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Different Strengths Make for the Right Team

Today we stepped onto the Team Daft yacht for the first time. It is massive and unlike anything I have ever sailed on. Below deck doesn't even have flooring and the sleeping quarters are just canvas cots with rope pulleys so we can change the angle and avoid falling...

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En Route to France for the pickup

Mark, Mick and reserve skipper Ian Travers file a video report from the ferry on their way to pick up the Team Daft Class 40 in France. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSdEl7uJsjc]

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Talking Tech and the Kish 2-hander

Co-skipper Mick Liddy raced the 2-handed Kish race at the weekend while I was sourcing tech gear for the Round Ireland race. Here's a chat with the pair of us on Dun Laoghaire marina after his 'triumphant' return! [audio...

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No racing but plenty of movement!

Yesterday's racing had to be aborted as Team Daft co-skipper Mick Liddy couldn't make it back from a military mission in the south of the country. But preparation for the Round Ireland continues apace, nonetheless [audio...

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Team Daft update

Audio message from Mark to keep you up to speed on development with Team Daft's Class 40 entry in the Round Ireland Yacht Race 2010

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Team Daft on the silver screen

We've been working away on the Team Daft Round Ireland Yacht Race challenge, and as well as ticking the admin boxes, we've had some practical stuff to do too. Mick has been showing me the ropes, literally, in a 1720. I've found that helming upwind is no problem, there...

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