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Mark was described by Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella as one of “the most inspiring people I met” after they discussed the ways technology is changing how people learn.


Following Mark’s contribution to the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, the Head of Public Engagement and Foundations said, “Mark doesn’t just talk about the transformative intersection of technology and humankind, he lives it”.

It’s tough to deal with uncertainty and change. Your people won’t do it by chance. With a high-impact catalyst you can help them act with the courage to make it happen. Mark Pollock is that catalyst and that’s why leaders worldwide have asked him to support their teams to adapt, perform and collaborate to achieve more.

Mark says, “The reason to bring in a speaker is to move the audience emotionally. It can never be about the speaker, rather it must be about engaging the audience to help them achieve more than they thought possible – that is what I aim to do every time.

As a speaker, he is best known for his 2018 TED Talk focused on resolving the tension between acceptance and hope delivered jointly with his fiancée, Simone George. It gathered over 1.5 million views in its first 6 months online and has been subtitled in 17 languages..


Mark’s keynotes explore themes focused on inspiring leaders and their teams to build resilience and collaborate with others so that they achieve more than they thought possible.

Each package includes a 20 – 60 minute virtual or in-person keynote which may include audience Q&A. The package also includes a follow-up email with key takeaways and reading suggestions, and a bi-monthly inspirational email from Mark.

Keynote themes

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Adversity & Challenges — Maintaining a Resilient Mindset Under Pressure

Sometimes we choose our challenges, sometimes our challenges choose us. What we decide to do about them is what counts. Deciding to be a competitor, a realist and a collaborator offers leaders and their teams a chance of maintaining a resilient mindset under pressure.

Mark’s keynote on adversity and challenges uses the power of active decision making to deal with challenges, regardless of where they come from, to help leaders and their teams become more resilient.

Leadership & Motivation — Leading Through a Crisis and Developing Intrinsic Motivation to Move Forward

Uncertainty and change typify a crisis and it’s difficult to lead in such circumstances. By providing leaders and their teams with insights into the resilience, attitude and decisions of others facing extreme circumstances Mark helps people to develop the intrinsic motivation to move forward.

Mark’s keynote on leadership and motivation delivers deep insights for leaders to navigate through the crucible moments they face and inspire others to achieve more.

Mindset & Performance — Challenging Expectations to Perform at a Higher Level

It is tough to deliver world class performance. Leaders and their teams won’t do it by chance. With a high-impact catalyst they have a chance of building the courage to make it happen.

Mark’s keynote on mindset and performance is that catalyst – it challenges leaders and their teams to examine expectations of themselves and others to perform at a higher level.

Collaboration & Teamwork — Creating & Motivating Dispersed Teams Across Disciplines & Geographies

Galvanising a disparate group of people around a common goal is not easy. Yet when it happens, when we collaborate, that is when major breakthroughs happen.

Mark’s keynote on collaboration and teamwork provides leaders and their teams with insight into how high-performance teams get things done when others can’t.

Human Enhancement — Exploring the Intersection Where Humans & Technology Collide in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Exploring the intersection where humans and technology collide is essential for organisations to maintain their competitive edge. By raising the consciousness of their teams to next generation technologies, leaders will empower and encourage innovation at the edge.

Mark’s keynote on human enhancement provides leaders and their teams with insight into the transformative intersection of technology and humankind as he explores a cure for paralysis using robotics, neuro-modulation, brain machine interfaces and AI.

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    Director, Northern Europe & Growth Markets, LinkedIn

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    "In the weeks following Mark’s talk I have seen managers at LinkedIn reference Mark’s approach to solving complex problems. His talk was inspirational and can be applied in our daily business lives."

    Director, EMEA Emerging Markets, Google

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    “Mark spoke at our Google Emerging Markets event. His message of resilience and leadership really resonated with our dynamic, international team. His ability to balance both the darker and lighter sides of his life experiences prompted us to think about how we approach our challenges.”

    Carole Valette, Area Vice President Northern Europe, Citrix

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    “At our recent kick-off for Citrix Northern Europe, Mark shared his incredible story of how to adapt and remain resilient in the face of ongoing uncertainty and change. As well as Mark’s keynote outlining his approach to tackling challenges, he shared a mental model for how we can all turn challenges into opportunities during an interview led by his colleague and co-host, Paula Cunniffe. The impact was fantastic and opened the door for all of us to reflect on how we are tackling our own challenges both personal and at work” 

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