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Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on marketing plans and pitching
ideas to the sponsor of my next adventure – to compete in an off-shore yacht
race around Ireland. It has been about what we’re going to do, what we will
be able to do and it has felt a little bit abstract. But now the time for
talking is over and it is time to start delivering…

We have been and are continuing to work on sourcing the right boat, finding
adapted navigation systems so I can sail the boat with my eyes closed and
next week we have a compulsory sea survival course which we must pass in
order to make it into the race.

However, it is the responsibility to our sponsor – www.daft.com – that is
consuming my thoughts at the moment. Before my South Pole Race I thought my
manic behaviour came from the desperation to find the money we needed to
complete the challenge. But now, for this new adventure, the money is in
place yet the same mania is back. It isn’t really about the money, it seems
to come from a desire to deliver on what I said I would do – for myself, for
my co-skipper, for my team and for the sponsors.

As part of the mania this week, I’ve been trying to learn how to be better
at getting our story out there. I’ve been working out how to create audio
blogs/podcasts and am about to launch a videocast as well. The opportunities
are amazing and the whole social media possibilities are really exciting –
lots to learn! During my research, I came across this guy from America called Gary
Vaynerchuck. He delivered an incredibly passionate speech at a TED
Conference back in 2008 which you can see at
http://www.ted.com/talks/gary_vaynerchuk_do_what_you_love_no_excuses.html Anyway, what I’ve taken from Gary is that there is no room for negativity.
His passionate explanation of why people should do what they love prompted
me to step back and look at what I am doing in my life and business. I’m
doing well in some parts, not so well in others but the point is that those
things that aren’t going so well will not improve by being negative.
Negative people and negative thoughts are a distraction from moving forward.
Get passionate and get busy doing it…whatever “it” is for you!