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Mark tells his story in a way that is both profound and touching. He provides his audience with a real insight into his personal struggle to overcome his fears and achieve his business and sporting ambitions while dealing with becoming blind in his early 20s. He is living proof that if you have a positive outlook and are focused on your goals, you can do anything you want to.

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Mark Pollock has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to adapt as he has dealt with challenges in his life. And, during my recent LinkedIn Live interview with him, colleagues from across our global team at Unilever, as well as public subscribers worldwide, tuned in to learn about building resilience, collaborating with others, and achieving more together. Our expectations were high and Mark delivered an incredible session. He is clearly a thought leader in this space and we look forward to working with him again soon”

Global Executive Vice President of Marketing & Global Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Unilever



“Amazing! My team of business development and marketing colleagues simply could not stop talking about Mark’s session during our annual strategy day at Siegel+Gale in New York.  The talk set the tone for our meeting and set us up to achieve great outcomes in the year ahead and beyond.”

Global CMO, Siegel+Gale

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“At Dropbox we are always striving to achieve more for our staff and customers. Mark is a living embodiment of someone who does that on a daily basis. The way he connected his story with our people was inspiring, impactful and exactly what we needed to motivate our people for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Thank you.”

Head of Dropbox Business EMEA

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Primis Mortgage Network

“Mark gave us one of the most jaw dropping and inspiring presentations we have ever had. No one took their eyes or ears off of him for the duration of his talk, it was simply fantastic. Mark’s delivery was as interesting as it was relevant and he really was one of the hot topics at dinner during the evening – what a legend.”

Chief Operating Officer, Primis Mortgage Network

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Red Bull UK

Mark spoke at our sales conference. The impact was instant and the messages continue to affect our people. His delivery was awe-inspiring and truly humbling, which forced us all to take a step back and consider how we face challenges and make decisions. Empowering our teams to take action and avoid excuses is key to our success as a business and Mark’s story demonstrates how to do that.

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Merrill Lynch (Australia)

Your talk in Bangkok was awesome! Even after a huge setback, you can still achieve your goals if you remain focused and determined. As you highlighted, in order to achieve your goals you need to make it happen rather than either talk about it or make excuses why it can’t. That is what we are all trying to achieve now.

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“Thank you for your presentation at our 2018 Partners’ Conference. The story, your response and the manner in which you have turned such adversity into a positive is awe-inspiring enough. But the real message for me lies in your delivery which is laced with humour, warmth and humility. As you may have detected, building our community is very important in the business we’re building and the characteristics you displayed, coupled with your inspiring messages, will serve as model behaviours for everyone who heard you.”

Head of PFP Change & Controls, Prudential Financial Planning

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Google – 2

“During our Google team off-site, Mark was our keynote speaker. He combined messages of resilience, innovation and collaboration to prompt our team to reflect on how we deal with challenges, big and small. His delivery was powerful, emotional and uplifting in equal measure.”

Director Sales, Google

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CDB Aviation

“Mark’s contribution was a perfect fit at our global conference at CDB Aviation. His experiences of creating multi-national teams aligned perfectly with our international audience. And, Mark’s insights into innovation, collaboration and leadership informed many of the discussions across our teams from Europe, Asia and the US for the rest of the conference and continues to do so during our day to day work.”

President and Chief Commercial Officer, CDB Aviation

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