Virtual talk and webinars

It is tough to deal with uncertainty and change. Your people won’t do it by chance. With a high-impact catalyst you can help them act with the courage to make it happen. Mark Pollock is that catalyst and he is delivering virtual talks and online webinars to help you support your people to remain resilient, adapt to change and collaborate with others. 

Each webinar package includes the 45-60 minute webinar, follow-up email with key takeaways and reading suggestions, and a bi-monthly inspirational email from Mark.


Webinar structure

Co-hosted with Paula Cunniffe, CEO of Strive Management, Mark is delivering virtual talks and webinars, to help you support your people to remain resilient, adapt to change and collaborate with others. During these 45 – 60 minute online sessions, Mark and Paula use the following format:


Part 1: Set up and introduction with Paula (5 minutes)  


Part 2: Introductory video and talk to frame the conversation with Mark (10 minutes)  


Part 3: Interview with Mark and Paula (15 minutes)  


Part 4: Q&A  with Mark (15 – 25 minutes)  


Part 5: Next Steps & takeaways (5 minutes)

Themes and topics

In this virtual talk, Mark can explore the topics, descriptions and key takeaways outlines below:

Challenge is the Opportunity 

Sometimes we choose our challenges, sometimes our challenges choose us. What we decide to do about them is what counts. During this webinar, Mark will help your people to:  

o Build resilience and maintain motivation  

o Embrace change and unexpected challenges 

o Chart a path through uncertainty 

Expecting Problems as we Explore Possibilities 

In the midst of a crisis, spectators sit on the side lines holding back. Competitors step into the arena as they pursue success and risk failure. The choice is ours. During this talk and webinar, Mark will help your people to: 

o Embrace a competitor mindset to pursue success  

o Deal with fear and anxiety  

o Develop a performance bias

Bringing people together to solve complex problems 

Human beings have faced seemingly impossible challenges before. So, in times of great uncertainty, it’s worth remembering that history is filled with accounts of the impossible made possible through human endeavour. And, when that endeavour is combined with others through collaboration, that is when major breakthroughs happen. During this talk and webinar, Mark will help your people to:  

o Understand the value of collaboration in delivering results 

o Adapt and sustain teamwork  

o Lead teams by galvanising around a common goal 


Contact Mark and his team to discuss how a virtual talk can help your people stay motivated and #achievemore during the these times of uncertainty. 

Following Mark’s impactful contribution to our Global Conference in 2017, we asked him back to talk to our staff worldwide during this period of unprecedented turbulence. Switching from the in-person to on-screen format, Mark managed to engage even more directly and powerfully with our teams . I cannot think of anyone we have had present over the years who has been more inspiring and speaks with such resonance to so many of us. Co-hosted with his colleague Paula Cunniffe it went down universally well, my favourite moment was when Mark reminded  us that sometimes the challenge chooses us and what we decide to do about it is what counts – exactly what we needed at this time.

Sir Alan Parker

Brunswick Group

Uncertainty and change has swept through the airline industry and we are facing that challenge head on at Avolon, as Mark says “Dealing with the Facts”. To support our employees to remain resilient and adaptive to the evolving situation, we engaged Mark to work with us through his ‘Challenge is the Opportunity’ webinars co-hosted with Paula Cunniffe. Everything from the opening presentation to the interview and interactive Q&A worked excellently. The learning and mental diversion for all was hugely impactful, insightful and worthwhile.

Head of North America