Back Rowing At Project Walk – The Video


Check out a video of my first faltering strokes on a rowing ergometer at Project Walk.


I thought that rowing without the use of my legs would be a complete waste of time but, with the set up improvised by Margarita at Project Walk, I was able to give it a go. You’ll notice that I’m using parallel bars and my arms to do much of the work and the set up is allowing me to work my stomach and my lower back as well.


However, in these early stages as I try to connect to my paralysed lower half, the key is to exercise at all times with weight bearing loads through my feet. Although I’m not using my legs, there is weight being transferred through my limbs to my feet during the partial rowing strokes that I’m taking.


It’s not pretty and it’s not going to win me medals any time soon. But as part of the overall programme of thousands of weight bearing movements, it might just help my nerves to re-route around my injury site in my spine and gradually connect the brain and the muscles.



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