Finding ‘The Feeling’ In Antarctica

Recently I completed one of the toughest challenges that I have ever faced and I wish I could bottle the feeling. After nearly 1,000 kilometres of man-hauling sledges, surviving at temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees and racing against five other teams I arrived with my team-mates Simon O’Donnell and Inge Solheim at the South Pole.

For me, the feeling of satisfaction was incredible but I think it only came because the lows were so desperately bad. You can listen to an audio interview from the South Pole here.

Since I got back life has been an exciting roller-coaster of parties, media interviews and I’ve even got a part in a feature film playing a blind guy (possibly a slight stereotype eh?!). But now that my fingers have thawed out and I can type again I am starting this new blog to replace our race site at where my blogs have been going for the last year.

So far, I seem to have found “the feeling” through sport. But I meet other people all the time in all sorts of strange places who have it. This blog will be about “the feeling”, wherever it appears…


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