How Leading with The Golden Circle Can Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential

Golden Circle diagram with Why in the centre circle and How and What on outer circles.

What is The Golden Circle?

Simon Sinek, a thought leader on understanding why we do what we do, says: “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” 

He describes what he calls the “golden circle”. The outer most circle contains the what. The middle circle contains the how. And, the inner circle contains the why.

Delving into the neuroscience to support this model, Simon compares his golden circle with the structure of our brains.

The what level represents the neocortex, or the region responsible for rational and analytical thought. While the how and why levels represent our limbic system, which drives our unconscious response to external stimulus.

When leaders and their teams understand why they do what they do it just feels right. It isn’t a plan or a KPI, it’s a feeling. But it takes time and effort to find it.

Find Your Why

Fortunately, there’s a process leaders can follow to find their why. So, you might like to check out Simon’s book called Find Your Why as part of your personal leadership development.

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