Metal, Bone & the Start of the Next Phase

I am fasting now and trying not to worry about what is coming up. Later today I will have my back sliced open, my spinal cord will be cleared of broken bone and a series of rods and screws will be put in.
The hospital have taken a sample of my blood and will have an exact match on standby in case I lose too much during the operation. And I will be back on the heavy duty pain killers.
I am scared but I know it is the best way forward.
I have cried and laughed in here and I know there will be more to come.
This operation will not fix my legs,only the bones, but it is the start of the next phase. That in itself is just about enough to keep us all going.
I am starting to get a pre-race feeling pumping through me.
Scared and excited. I think my mind and body must be taking over already and be getting ready for it…


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