Super squat videos from project walk

The above video shows me trying squats at a walking frame, while the one below is me doing squats on a Total Gym.


Working my paralysed legs over the past four weeks has provoked a connection to my legs.

The feelings are not normal but rather a general sense of my legs, a connection with the ground and sometimes a feeling of warmth and pulse.

Both videos, courtesy of Simone, show me performing modified squat exercises helped by my trainer and my non paralysed muscles above the injury level. I am not using my legs as such.

However, in both cases I feel a sense of connection through my legs that does not happen when I don’t try to use the muscles below my injury level.

Traditional rehab methods tend not to use these techniques and that is why I have asked my south pole team mate, Simon O’Donnell, to come out to california and learn the project walk training methods. He will support me to follow a daily rehab programme when we get home. I think we’re experimenting in the area of neuro plasticity which is a relatively recent field of study for people with spinal chord injuries. So, as an introduction to the topic, I’m reading am audio book called the brain that changes itself.

If you have any thoughts or resources on the subject please let me know!


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