The Adventure is Back On

After 24 hours of waiting and wondering in Hamble we are back on the water and sailing to Ireland. The purpose of our pit stop was to lift the boat out and have our sponsors branding applied to the hull. But with the tide disappearing at speed we were in danger of missing our 5pm deadline to have the boat lifted back into the water. And with 30 cms of clearance we eased off the dock aboard our new look class 40 yacht!


I am new to sailing but if the last five days are anything to go by I am going to have to learn the art of patience! As adventures go plan a does not seen to work, plan b works sometimes and it is always worth having c, d, and e plans! Problem solving, patience and a massive rush when the sails are eventually up. Heading into a breezy south westerly now and so off to get the kit and life jackets on…


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