Walk before you can run, crawl before you can walk

We’ve been back from Project Walk for nearly 3 months now and I’m balancing training in hospital with Project Walk training in my old university, Trinity College Dublin. I’m training between 12 and 18 hours per week at the moment and this video shows me getting right back to basics by trying to crawl:

“South Pole Simon” O’Donnell, my trainer and one of my team mates from the South Pole Race 2009, trained with me at Project Walk in California. Now he is training me back home and helping me to push the boundaries of what my paralysed limbs can or can’t do.

Before the South Pole Race we had training videos of sprinting whilst dragging tires behind us and doing hand stand press ups. The sort of stuff that we could brag about. But now it’s about learning how to crawl and I’d imagine the video doesn’t look so good.

My hope is that this type of aggressive physical therapy programme will produce some improvement in my paralysed legs. At best the prize for the current indignity could be walking. And at worst, it will keep me fit and ready for any medical interventions that appear in the years ahead.


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