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Battery-powered team-mates

For years I’ve been banging on about the importance of getting the right team around you…and this post is not going to dispute that. However, over the last week I added an electronic team-mate to the group. A talking heart rate monitor from Oregon Scientific - the...

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Top 5 Ways To Stick To The Facts

 No matter what the goal is, dealing in facts is the best chance we have of sticking to the plan andhitting the targets. But the facts are so easily clouded by emotionaldistractions and we get caught in a haze of if, buts and maybes. So, hereare my top 5...

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Excuses Are Usually Lies In Disguise!

On Tuesday I spoke to a group of bankers in England who have been feeling the pressure of surviving during the ongoing financial turmoil. They were not the fat-cat monsters that bankers have been portrayed as of late, rather they were ordinary people like you and me...

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Shreddin’ the Slopes: Courage, Fear & Assessing the Risk

The challenge for last weekend was my first snowboarding experience on real snow. The plan for this challenge had been to get Nick Wolf (my Gobi March team-mate) to talk me safely down a mountain in Switzerland on my walkie talkie system that I bought for this year’s...

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Second last indoor snowboarding lesson tonight

My first snowboard trip is happening this weekend and we have 2 lessons left at www.skicentre.ie in dublin. Simone is a regular betty which apparently means a girl who snowboards with her left foot forward. And i ride goofy which means i have my right foot forward. I...

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Extreme Sports Plan 2010 – HELP!

January was all about land sailing at the foot of the Andes in Argentina, February is the month of snowboarding and each month for the rest of the year I'm going to try one new extreme sport. The plan is in place for the first 3 months - land sailing, snowboarding and...

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The joy of acceptance

22nd July I am a serial radio listener and own a portable FM radio which is nearly always in my ear. But a couple of months ago I cut my radio listening down to a minimum. The business commentary and constant negative analysis of everything to do with the economy was...

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Pimms, blazers and boats

The Henley Regatta is a fantastic sporting and Social event. But it can also teach us a lot about winning and coping with losing.

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Life on the high seas

29th May Galway Volvo Ocean Race The sun was splitting the trees, music was playing and everyone was delighted with the prospect of a four day weekend. The Volvo Ocean Race had come to Galway. I have just started to do a series of radio reports on adventure sports...

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