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It’s Decision Time

The problem is, it’s also indecision time, for a lot of people. Economic uncertainty is clouding our collective judgement, and causing people to freeze in fear. Uncertainty is stopping us from taking necessary decisions to move us through the tough times when nobody...

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Finding ‘The Feeling’ In Antarctica

Recently I completed one of the toughest challenges that I have ever faced and I wish I could bottle the feeling. After nearly 1,000 kilometres of man-hauling sledges, surviving at temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees and racing against five other teams I arrived...

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Helping People Worldwide To Achieve More

In 1998, Mark was a student and international rower with a fantastic job offer in London when he suddenly lost his sight. He had been on the crest of a wave as he prepared for his final exams in Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, but came crashing back to earth with...

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