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100 Miles Offshore and Out of Reach

As you can see from the pic of the geotag, this Audioboo podcast snippet was recorded while Team Daft were 100 miles off the west coast, unfortunately out of phone coverage to allow me post it, but still the GPS on the iPhone was working well enough to geotag the...

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Team Daft Split Forces in Preparation for the Round Ireland

As a high pressure moves over Ireland all of us in Team Daft are focused on different parts of the pre-race jobs. Mick is on the boat working through final checks before our safety inspection on thursday with the race organisers. Adam McCarthy, our software engineer...

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Trust-Building 40 feet Above Team Daft yacht

Mick harnessed up 12 hours into our sail. The halyard from our smaller head sail which we had just hoisted had come away from the top of the sail in rough waters and quickly strengthening winds off the south coast of england. The solution was to go up the mast and get...

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The Adventure is Back On

After 24 hours of waiting and wondering in Hamble we are back on the water and sailing to Ireland. The purpose of our pit stop was to lift the boat out and have our sponsors branding applied to the hull. But with the tide disappearing at speed we were in danger of...

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Team Daft Take to the High Seas at last!

It's all systems go with all of us in Team Daft! We have had nearly all the sail combinations up and down, we have tried different variations of our kit options and I have got going with my audible compass. It is a seriously powerful boat and using the audible compass...

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