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Mark speaks about the music that has influenced him most in his life. Mark Pollock Media · Mark Pollock on BBC Talkback
My friend and fellow adventurer, Piers White

My friend and fellow adventurer, Piers White

We had rented a small yacht in Athens: Piers, myself, our partners and our close friend Nick Wolfe who was skippering. All hands were on deck in the hot sun as we sailed towards the harbor of a small Greek island, when suddenly through the indigo-blue Aegean sea, a...

Speaking about psychological safety in Dubai

  Mark recently travelled to Dubai to speak to 5,000 HR professionals at the HR Summit and Expo. After his session, he joined Shane Philips, CEO of Philips Group to chat about building resilience, responding to challenges and why psychological safety is so...

Exoskeleton Access Programme

We launched an Exoskeleton Access Programme at Dublin City University. This programme to provide universal access to Ekso Bionics robotic legs for paralysed people, stroke patients, those with MS and other neurological conditions for a nominal fee.  

A 50 Subject Spinal Excitability Study

We completed a spinal cord excitability study in a group of 25 healthy subjects and 25 paralysed subjects in Trinity College Dublin to gather baseline data to feed into more complex research studies with multiple technologies.   

You Can’t Out Train Your Diet

#TeamUnbreakable #SmartBike #FastTrackingACure #Paralysis I was apprehensive as I rolled in my wheelchair onto the scales in the National Rehabilitation Hospital. The screen said 111.3 kilograms for the combined weight of my chair and me. And, as I reversed off the...

Robots, Smart Bikes and Team UnBreakable

My empty wheelchair disappears behind me as I walk across the sports hall in my robotic legs. Dr. Neil Fleming monitors the electrical stimulation unit that is pushing current into my damaged spinal cord. And, Simon O’Donnell shadows me calling out the data from my...