Extreme Sports Plan 2010 – HELP!

January was all about land sailing at the foot of the Andes in Argentina,
February is the month of snowboarding and each month for the rest of the
year I’m going to try one new extreme sport. The plan is in place for the first 3 months – land sailing, snowboarding and
kite wing skiing – but the rest of the year is looking pretty empty. So here
comes the cry for help…if you have any extreme sports ideas, suggestions
or invites to events where I can get the adrenaline flowing please let me
know! I’m going to use mini-cameras, audio recorders and all the social media
tools to document the year. So look out for the videos, photos and
interviews with the team – some extreme sports pros, some weekend warriors
and hopefully some new adventurer mates!


January: Land sailing, Argentina
February: Snowboarding, Switzerland
March: Kite Wing Skiing, Norway
April: ?
May: ? June: ?
July: ?
August: ?
September: ?
October: ?
November: ?
December: ?


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