Update on Mark’s Condition

Just a brief update on Mark’s condition.

Mark is still in the Royal Berkshire Hospital, where he’s getting expert and incredibly caring medical support from both the ICU team and the orthopaedic team there.

Mark’s family, Simone and her family are at his bedside. Every hour is different as they try to best manage his pain and his injuries.

We won’t have much to update you in terms of his medical condition for the time being. Each day so far has brought slight improvements. The doctors are rightly being very cautious and letting Mark’s body recover from the initial trauma of the fall before making any further moves. They’re monitoring his progress continually and it will be a gradual process towards recovery.

Mark is aware of all the messages of goodwill and hope, and speaks of the immense love he and his family are recieving. They have felt everything over the past seven days but alone. Mark extends his appreciation to everyone and thanks people for respecting his and his family’s privacy at this traumatic time.

Thanks also again to his friends who helped him in the immediate aftermath of the fall and to the fantastic hospital staff in Royal Berkshire.

We’ll keep you posted with news as appropriate.


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